Frequently Asked Questions

Many clients are surprised at how affordable chartering a private plane is when compared with the value of service received to the cost. Flight prices vary depending on destination, so take a look at our Pricing Table to get an idea about our pricing. If you have any questions at all concerning a quote, use the Contact Us page or give us a call. For an exact quote, visit our Get a Quote page or call us toll free at 866-575-3148.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept checks, wire transfers, and ACH payments.

Tower Aviation is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We always have someone available to help you with your flight needs. Tower Aviation has gained a reputation of being able to accommodate last minute and emergency flight requests quickly and painlessly.

There are a few differences between charter and commercial flights. Price is often one that people think of first. The price of a charter flight is more expensive than a commercial flight, but much more convenient. One big difference is scheduling. Charter flights work around your schedule and go where you need to go. We can access much smaller, regional airports than commercial airlines, getting you closer to your final destination with less travel time and less hassle. With private charter, you also don’t have to deal with long security lines, airport parking, and the other headaches that come with commercial flying.

The cost of private plane charter is known to be more than the cost of a commercial airline flight, but is often much more affordable than one might think. When you factor in convenience, luxury, and privacy that private charter offers, the cost can be very justifiable. For better pricing ideas, please visit our Pricing Table.

Tower Aviation can fly you anywhere in the continental United States. We are able to access much smaller, regional airports than most commercial airlines, thus getting our customers closer to their final destination with less travel time.

All U.S. charter companies are regulated by the FAA and must adhere to guidelines and restrictions from the FAA, TSA, and DOT. Tower Aviation sends our pilots for official training every year to ensure they're prepared for all flight situations. We only employ top certified mechanics to work on our aircraft. Mechanics are also sent to training facilities to guarantee competency.

We always do our best to accommodate any special needs of our customers. Whether it's a food allergy, pets, mobility issues, or any other request, Tower Aviation goes above and beyond to make your flight as comfortable as possible.

Tower Aviation quotes each trip individually based on the specific need of each customer We also proved any necessary amenities or accommodations requested by our customers to make their flight comfortable and enjoyable.

Tower Aviation is happy to help set up any requested catering for a flight. We can use a multitude of options based on the customer’s preference. Tower Aviation also provides small snacks on each and every flight, along with sodas and waters.

Tower Aviation is solely owned by Herbert Jeffries.

It is always best to plan your trip as far in advance as possible. If you know of a future trip, getting your transportation booked early is always a good idea. We are a growing business and tend fill up our calendars. At Tower Aviation, we realize that there will often be times when a last minute flight is needed. If we have availability, we can almost always be ready to fly within an hour of a flight booking.

Our cancellation fee is a $2,700 minimum use charge if the flight is cancelled within less than 48 hours of departure time. A no show will be charged the full amount of the charter cost.

Tower Aviation is very pet friendly. Every employee of Tower Aviation, including our pilots, has their own pets at home and we love to accommodate our customers’ furry family members! If you do want to bring along your pet, please let us know at the time of the quote request so we can appropriately plan for the flight.

We do our best to accommodate people’s travel needs as luggage goes. Keep in mind that the weight of the aircraft does play a role in the preparation for flights as well as the performance of the aircraft.